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Be Productions provides outdoor cinema, outdoor movies and even drive-in cinema services for a range of locations around Australia, for ongoing and special events.
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Airscreen® Airtight

no blower needed during operation: AIRSCREEN airtight even swims on water!

AIRSCREEN® airtight is the ideal inflatable solution for backyard parties and company events in- and outdoors. Sizes up to 24ft (7.32m) wide can be built in a way that they do not require a blower during screen operation. This means you can even set up the AIRSCREEN “swimming” on water. Convert your pool into a great outdoor cinema!


You will like what you hear: Nothing! No blower needed! Even if some day a hole develops, a patented controlled blowerbox (optional) keeps your screen perfectly inflated when needed and switches off automatically once the pressure is right again.


Rely on AIRSCREEN! Your show will always go on!


available screen sizes (width x height):

– 16ft x 9ft         (4.88m x 2.74m)

– 20ft x 11.25ft   (6.10m x 3.43m)

– 24ft x 13.5ft     (7.32m x 4.12m)

– individual sizes ratios upon request

Give us a call on 02 9418 3277 to find out how we can help you.