Airscreen Classic - BE Productions
Be Productions provides outdoor cinema, outdoor movies and even drive-in cinema services for a range of locations around Australia, for ongoing and special events.
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Airscreen® Classic

The giant inflatable screen, the right screen for when size counts

screen sizes (width x height):

standard sizes (16:9 ratio)

– 20ft x 11.25ft   (6.10m x 3.43m) *

– 24ft x 13.5ft     (7.32m x 4.12m) *

– 30ft x 17ft        (9.15m x 5.15m)

large sizes (2:1 ratio)

– 40ft x 20ft       (12m x 6m)

– 46ft x 23ft       (14m x 7m)

– 52ft x 26ft       (16m x 8m)

extreme sizes (2:1 and CS ratio)

– 66ft x 33ft       (20m x 10m)

– 80ft x 40ft       (24m x 12m)

– 89ft x 38ft       (27m x 11.50m)

– 111ft x 40ft     (30m x 12.50m)

Individual sizes and ratios are available upon request.

* these models can optionally be built in an airtight version that does not require a permanently running blower = absolute operating-silence for your spectators!

complete system includes:

– detailed manual and access to training videos

– projection surface with black back side (no disturbing light!)

– screen ties for a wrinklefree screen/frame connection

– extra strong fixing tethers (perfect fixation even when windy)

– permanently running high performance blower (110V or 230V AC)


– water containers

– ground anchors

– anchor plates with steel nails

– special blower case for perfect noise cancellation

– extra strong storage box for easy transport

– wind speed checker

– service kit for easy repairs

Give us a call on 02 9418 3277 to find out how we can help you.