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Be Productions provides outdoor cinema, outdoor movies and even drive-in cinema services for a range of locations around Australia, for ongoing and special events.
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We are the exclusive re-seller of high quality Airscreen® equipment in Australia and Asia,

and offer equipment both for sale or hire

AIRSCREEN offers you a mobile cinema experience at a reasonable price in almost any location – projected onto a gigantic screen. Your favorite movies extra large!

The entire sound and projection equipment required will be customized for your specific needs by our specialized crew and partners.

AIRSCREEN is an inflatable PVC framework with an attached projection screen. The stability of the framework is guaranteed by a special low-noise fan, which backs up the high pressure inside uninterruptedly. It is so dependable that even long-term performances over several weeks are not a problem.

A system of tensioning straps and counter weights secures the perfect fixation up to 24 mph or 38 km/h. However, most sizes take less than an hour to install, to remove only 30 minutes.

Independent of facades or other supporting constructions AIRSCREEN can be installed just anywhere standing free. With its low weight AIRSCREEN is perfectly suited especially for sensitive locations such as historic sites, beaches or even on water.

Airscreen! so much more than just one model

Here are some of the most successful models:

Airscreen Classic view link

Airscreen Airtight view link

Airscreen Nano view link

Give us a call on 02 9418 3277 to find out how we can help you.