Outdoor Cinema - BE Productions
Be Productions provides outdoor cinema, outdoor movies and even drive-in cinema services for a range of locations around Australia, for ongoing and special events.
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Leaders in open-air cinema

We have a wealth of experience in managing open-air cinema productions – and provide package hire, screen hire and screen sales for both medium and large-scale events.

Through our ongoing relationship with Airscreen, we are able to provide premium-quality equipment to ensure your movie event will be a great success. We pride ourselves on providing a total open-air cinema package that includes production-side services, audio, event management and film acquisition.

We can also help with very specific aspects of outdoor cinema production – including liaising with council, organising food and facilities, hiring seating, coordinating kids’ entertainment and much more.

Be Productions has the largest range of inflatable screens in Australia, we also have the largest Outdoor Cinema screen in Australia a massive 20m x 10m.

Drive-in is making a comeback!

As well as providing equipment and event management services for open-air cinema, we can even also set-up drive-in cinemas. Using our Airscreen equipment and audio services, your movie-goers simply tune into the radio station advertised on the screen, and watch the movie out of their windscreen.

Give us a call on 02 9418 3277 to find out how we can help you.